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We inaugurated our first dental surgery back in 1993. Since then we have built several surgeries, always in compliance with the latest requirements. We started to devise and establish our newest one in 2009.

In our new surgery, we have once again used equipment and materials in accordance with changing requirements and most up-to-date achievements in the field, and in that way we do not have to make any compromises in quality.

Our object has always been to solve all dental problems in our surgery, so patients do not need to see other specialists for any further aesthetic, functional or dental treatments. This way, the duration of the required treatments has been reduced to the minimum, for the sake of maximum comfort.

We do our best to reduce stress in our patients. To this end we emphasize:

  • short-term registration
  • a reduced waiting time before treatments
  • a comfortable and pleasant environment
  • an attentive and helpful staff