VargaDent Dental Clinic


Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Andrea TÓTH

Professional Supervisor
Dr. Péter VARGA
DMD, DDS, Oral Surgeon

I graduated from the Department of Dentistry  of the Debrecen Medical University in 1990.
I passed my first qualifying exam in Dental and Oscular Diseases, then in 2006 in Conservation Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry (in compliance with EU norms).
I regularly attend professional retraining courses, I am diligent in following improvements in the field of dentistry, and I strive to ensure that my patients will receive treatment of the best available quality.
I speak fluent German, so communicating with patients in that language is no problem for me.

I graduated from the Department of Dentistry  of the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest in 1990.

Between 1990 and 1996 I worked in one of the largest hospitals in Hungary as a dental surgeon in the fields of traumatology, tumour surgery and dental surgery for outpatients. In addition to my job at the hospital, I opened my first private surgery in 1993.

I have been practicing dental implantology on an everyday basis since 1995.

I have certificates in Dental and Oscular Diseases, and Dental Surgery.

In addition to my studies in Hungary, I have attended professional courses in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

On several occasions I have given lectures and courses at medical universities in Hungary, and I have been invited to a number of retraining courses as a guest lecturer.
I speak fluent English and German, so communicating in these languages with our patients is no problem for me.