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Implant dentistry is the most modern procedure used to counter tooth loss. We have seen a huge development in this field in the past few years. Dental implants are made of pure titanium. The oxide layer developing naturally on the titanium, together with the special surface formation that results, cause the implant to be “invisible” to the body and to become organically integrated into the bone surrounding it. Titanium is unequivocally organic. Implantology is one of the greatest achievements in dentistry of our Modern Age. With the help of implantology, significant improvement in the quality of life can be made in cases which used to be regarded as hopeless.


The procedure of dental implantology consists of several steps. After the screening appointment, we quote a price, which is followed by the implant procedure. The healing process takes three to six months. During this period (if necessary), patients can wear their old or new temporary dentures. After adequate healing and anchoring, the bridges or individual teeth will be placed onto the titanium posts. The implants will immediately function normally. Regardless of the nature of problems related to tooth loss, dental implants provide a simple remedy with proven results.


We distinguish among three situations:

  • one tooth missing
  • several teeth missing
  • all teeth missing

We use a number of different implant systems in our surgery allowing us to choose the best for each patient.

Sometimes additional surgical procedures are necessary to alter the quality or quantity of bone in the jaw. These are also routine procedures, employed if necessary.