Bük, Wellness and Weather


Bük – a small town for bathing and relaxation.

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Bük is situated in West-Hungary on the flat land along the river Répce at the foot of the Alps, 20 km from the Austrian border (47 km from Sopron, and 25 km from both Szombathely and Kőszeg). In the second half of the 20th century it became a well-know spa all over Europe, and it has since developed into one of the most significant spas in Hungary.

The climate of Bük – due to its sub-alpine character – is quite favourable; the slightly windy weather and the relative humidity have beneficial results all year round. The medicinal waters in Bük – thanks to the healing power of thermal water – will help you to ease and even eliminate your ailments and to regain your physical and spiritual harmony.

Apart from the invaluable thermal waters, visitors can find a great number of sights in our town. You are welcome to come to Bük whether you are interested in our medicinal waters or you just want to relax, get refreshed and have a good time.

Bükfürdő - first-class recreation, relaxation and recovery.

Bük’s Medicinal Spa has become one of the best-known and most popular medical spas in Europe. Today it is the second largest spa in Hungary, and it provides perfect recreation for all age groups. The spa is a 14-hectare complex offering 27 pools and a water surface of more than 5100 m2.

Our medicinal water pools contain 32-38 °C warm water, the swimming pools contain 26-28 °C warm water, and small children will enjoy the paddling pools that are for them only, where they can safely splash about. The slide complex (free of charge) will leave you with an experience never to be forgotten. After bathing, children may play for a while on the state-of-the-art playground; adults longing for relaxation are offered spacious retreats and comfortable deckchairs (again free of charge). In our Recreation Park’s adventure bath you can recover from your everyday weariness in a calm, quiet, green area. The roofed adventure bath in the Park, open all the year round, offers relaxation for every age group. Those fond of physical activity can avail themselves of sports grounds (beach volley-ball, beach handball, foot-tennis, badminton, beach football streetball, table tennis), and will find organised sports and entertaining programmes all year round. Those seeking culinary pleasures in Bükfürdő can also find enjoyment fit for a king: the town has several restaurants and snack-bars waiting to welcome them.